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Dyandra Promosindo

Dyandra Promosindo is a leading professional exhibition organizer (PEO) in Indonesia, a sub-holding company of PT Dyandra Media International, Tbk (DYAN). Established since 1994, Dyandra Promosindo has organized more than 1100 exhibitions in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bali, Makassar, Medan, and other major cities in Indonesia.

Over the past years, Dyandra Promosindo is recorded to be in charge of 11 subsidiaries engaged in event/exhibition organizer, concert promotor and also digital agency. The eleven subsidiaries include PT Dyandra Communication (Dyacomm), PT Fasen Creative Quality (Quad), PT Visicita Imaji Semesta (Visicomm), PT Idea Besar Komunika (Ideacomm), PT Visi Sarana Media Digital (Underlined), PT Dyan Mas Entertainment (DME Asia), and PT Dyandra Global Edutainment.

With more than 100 exhibitions every year, and with the participation of foreign participants, Dyandra Promosindo has proved itself to be a reliable business partner while advancing into a whole new level of exhibition culture in Indonesia. Our wide range of events includes Business to Business (B2B) exhibitions, Business to Consumer (B2C) exhibitions, music festivals, conferences, and summit.

With our outstanding event management, Dyandra Promosindo has become a professional exhibition organizer which has achieved ISO 9001:2008 for our management system quality. Our exhibitions include Indonesia International Motor Show, Indonesia International Furniture Expo, Indonesian Petroleum Association Convex, International Franchise, License and Business Concept Expo & Conference, and others.


To become the largest event organizer company in Southeast Asia through managing events as a brand using the latest technology supported by creative and highly competitive human resources.


To become a trusted business partner who always provides the best service standards and innovative solutions by prioritizing professionalism in the MICE business.